VIT MAN 40 / WHITE MALE 40 (documentary series, short film and augmented reality, 2018) WORK IN PROGRESS

An animated documentary series, a short film and an augmented reality experience by Malin Erixon. White men around the age of 40 discuss life and reveal how difficult it can be to see the privileged situation you are in. Satire and seriousness is mixed when documentary audio material meets fictional animated characters.

Finished film: November, 2018
Expected release date: End of 2018

Director: Malin Erixon
Scriptwriter: Malin Erixon
Producer: Malin Erixon
Original idea: Malin Erixon
Production Company: Ganzanderes Animation
Co-producer: Mario Adamson/Sisyfos Film Production
Co-producer: Sveriges Television
Design, illustration & animation: Malin Erixon
Sound design: Mario Adamson
Editing: Malin Erixon & Johan Ribe
Dramaturgical & artistic advisor: Johan Ribe/iFilm
Content advisor: Elin Ek

Technique: Classical 2D and computer 2D
Duration: 6 x 6 min (series) + 14 min (short film)
Project’s Swedish site:
Project’s English site:

The Swedish Film Institute (film commissioner Klara Grunning)
Sveriges Television (including co-production)
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (grant, Konstnärsnämnden)
Filmbasen/Film Stockholm (Stockholms Läns Landsting/Stockholm County Council)
More info soon.

Expected release date: End of 2018
Finished film: November, 2018
• Teaser – spring, 2018
• Mastering – spring, 2018
• Sound design – spring, 2018
• Editing – spring, 2018
• Music – spring, 2018
• Lip sync – spring, 2018
• Animation – autumn and winter, 2017 – spring, 2018
• Storyboard – spring, 2017

• Script – work in progress
• Background design – work in progress
• Financing – work in progress

• Character design – finished
• Interviews – finished
• Scetches – finished
• Research – finished


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