KIKAREN / THE SPYGLASS (short film, 2022)

THE SPYGLASS is a 2D-animated short fiction film by Malin Erixon. Premiere: Jan, 2022

Eden feels forgotten by and invisible to her parents, who often quarrel or are busy with other things. As an escape, Eden seeks company in her imagination through a self-made spyglass, which turns out to be magical.

Ten-year-old Eden feels forgotten by and invisible to her parents, who often quarrel or are busy with other things. To escape the boredom and loneliness, Eden has created a secret escape in the garden, where she lies on a blanket and eats cookies with her tin friend, Toy Robot.

One day something very peculiar happens. A butterfly passes by and spreads its magic over a pair of empty toilet paper rolls by the trash can, next to Eden’s blanket. Eden uses the rolls to construct a spyglass and observes her surroundings through her new self-made gadget. At first, everything looks ordinary. But when her eyes wander across the tree tops, she quickly realizes there’s something special with the spyglass. Who are those quirky birds sitting there – having coffee? And what adorable earthworms dancing synchronized dance in the compost! What captures Eden the most, however, is what she sees through the spyglass when it’s aimed towards her parents in the family’s living room sofa…

Idea, scriptwriter & director: Malin Erixon
Producer: Malin Erixon / Ganzanderes Animation
Co-producers: Sveriges Television & Film Stockholm
Animation, design & illustration: Malin Erixon
Sound design & sound mix: Gabrielle Wikhede / Ljudbang
Editing: Malin Erixon
Editing advisor: Johan Ribe
Music & performance: Christofer Ahde / violin: David Odlöw
Dramaturgical & artistic advisor: Johan Ribe
Grading: Nils Fridén
Storyboard: Giuseppe Cristiano & Malin Erixon
Character design advisors: Hedvig Erixon & Edith Erixon

Thank you: Gullvi Erixon & Lars Erixon

♥ ♥ ♥ For Hedvig & Edith ♥ ♥ ♥

Original title: Kikaren
Technique: Computer 2D
Duration: 9:27 min
Target group: children and adults
Color/B:W: Color
Dialogue: None
Formats: DCP & various digital files

The Swedish Film Institute / film commissioner Andreas Fock
Sveriges Television / Helena Ingelsten
Konstnärsnämnden / The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Film Stockholm / Ivana Lalovic

Premiere: Jan, 2022
• Trailer, EPK, etc – finished
• Finished film: Sept, 2021
• Grading / mastering – finished
• Sound design – finished
• Editing – finished
• Music – finished
• Animation – finished
• Financing – finished
• Background design – finished
• Animatic – finished
• Character design – finished
• Storyboard – finished
• Scetches – finished
• Script – finished


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